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Welcome to 3BR Custom Cuts in Ellensburg, WA. We are multi-generational ranchers and farmers. As responsible citizens, we care deeply about our surroundings; local natural habitats, precious land, clean water and fresh air. Our family considers ourselves stewards of our land and caretakers of our livestock.

We believe in fostering regeneration, growth, sustainability and ecological balance. We are free in thought and steadfast in purpose. We also feel a local Processing Facility, with additional U.S.D.A. Certification, is an important link in the food chain. Increasingly large numbers of people are seeking verifiable details about where their food actually comes from, and how it moves from ranches and farms to their tables. They want to have full-confidence in the products they choose to feed their families.

Building 3BR Custom Cuts is the fulfillment of a goal, to provide a service to our community of ranchers and farmers who are dedicated to quality meat production. From conception to consumption, ranchers and families in our area are breeding and raising livestock for harvest. With quality genetics and nutritious feed, producers can bring exceptional animals to market. By also being able to process that livestock locally, there can be a tremendous savings of time, money and resources.


3BR Custom Cuts will operate with the highest standards of traceability, accuracy, cleanliness and safety.


When it comes to our food, “Knowing is Better Than Guessing.”

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