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  • Will you process single animals, for personal use, not for commercial sale?
    Yes. A large percentage of our processing will be for families.
  • Do all animals have to be U.S.D.A. inspected?
    No. Livestock and Game processed for individual use doesn’t have to be U.S.D.A. inspected.
  • How many animals will you be able to process a day?
    Our maximum capacity will be about 20-30 head a day, depending on the species.
  • Will you provide “feed lot” services, holding and feeding animals to harvest weight?
    No. We’ll have a small number of pens for day use only.
  • Will your facility be environmentally safe for soil and ground water?
    Yes. We’ll be compliant. We will use a 3-stage water filtering process.
  • Will there be odor coming from your facility?
    No. Inedible waste is sealed in drums and kept refrigerated while awaiting frequent pickup.
  • Will customer visits affect common vehicle flow?
    No. There will not be a significant impact on the County roads serving our facility.
  • How much will your service cost?
    Our processing is custom for each customer. We’ll also offer curing, smoking and specialty cuts.
3BR Custom Cuts_head with circle.png
Image by Jez Timms

Get In

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our services. Our goal is to provide superior custom meat cutting and a fully-transparent business transaction. We will be highly-focused on providing the best customer experience for all we serve.

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